Refund policy

Orders may be canceled as long as they have not been processed. We refer to "processed" when shipped by the parcel service. If the product has already been processed, Hidro220 cannot cancel the order.

Hidro 220 is responsible for the mishandling of the products and will propose a solution to the customer if it is damaged for reasons external to the customer. When the order is delivered, the customer will have 24 hours to inspect the product. If the product is damaged, you would have to report it to the email: or "contact" at: with photographs of evidence showing the damage to the product to proceed with its return. After this time (24 hours) Hidro 220 is not responsible for the condition of the product.

Order expiration:

The order has an expiration time of 30 days. If payment is attempted after this time, your money will be refunded within 10 days. (10 days after making the payment)